A Valentine's Day Couple - Susanna and Jason

Financial planning tips to help reduce conflict at home.

Ozzy, Parkinson’s & Elder Care Planning

Tips to tackle the difficult conversations and how to create a planning team.

Goodbye 2010s, Hello 2020s

2019 is a wrap, and we're into a new decade. How did 2019 end up, and what do we need to know going forward?

Retirement Savings: Do Yours Measure Up?

When envisioning retirement, you may picture living in tropical climates, traveling and sightseeing at leisure, or doing whatever suits you on any given day. Regardless of your age or circumstance, it might surprise you to learn that a “lifestyle plan” is an important part of retirement planning.

Ten Year-End Tax Tips for 2019

Here are 10 things to consider as you weigh potential tax moves between now and the end of the year.

The Public Wi-Fi Conundrum: Convenient to Use but Easy to Hack

In today’s world, we are more connected than ever. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops allow us to communicate with others easily and at all times. But that communication requires an Internet connection—and not all options are created equal.

A 7-Point Checklist for Your Estate Plan

When it comes to estate planning, executing your will and other estate documents is only the first step. To help ensure that your estate plan stays in tune with your goals and needs, it’s important to review and update it on an ongoing basis. Working with your financial advisor and attorney, use this checklist as a starting point to keep your estate plan in good shape.

Your Financial Affairs: What Your Children Should Know

Many parents may find it uncomfortable, or even believe it is unnecessary, to inform their children about personal finance matters. Yet, communicating openly with your family members can help to reassure them about your financial and health care wishes. This may also ease the decision-making process for your family in many important areas.

Tax and Retirement Planning for Families with a Stay-at-Home Spouse

If your wife or husband does not have paid employment, your family may have to do some additional planning to minimize your tax bill, while ensuring that you are saving enough for retirement to cover the needs of both partners.

5 Signs You Need A Financial Planner

Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.