The Public Wi-Fi Conundrum: Convenient to Use but Easy to Hack

Free public Wi-Fi has become a public good of sorts. Everywhere we go—from our friends’ homes to coffee shops to airports—we ask for the Wi-Fi information. We’re used to the constant connection and think very little about the security of the network.

And hackers take advantage of this fact—most public Wi-Fi networks can be hacked in mere minutes from as far as 100 feet away. Hackers use programs that allow their computers to eavesdrop on other devices connected to the Wi-Fi network. These devices allow them to see everything you do on your device—passwords you type, credit card numbers you use, messages you write—as well as potentially install malware onto your device.

It’s important that you understand the dangers of free public Wi-Fi before connecting. By free public Wi-Fi, we mean any network that anyone can connect to with or without a password. Even if your local coffee shop requires a password, it doesn’t mean that the network is secure. A hacker can also get the password by purchasing a latte.

If you do connect to open, unsecured Wi-Fi you do not want to log in to your email, make any purchases, or enter any financial website as others may be able to steal your password or information.


Article by Devin Kropp ©2019 Horsesmouth, LLC. All rights reserved.