Divorce Rates Spike During COVID Pandemic

Unlocking two myths about divorce that might help reduce stress.

Estate Planning Update: How the SECURE Act Affects IRA Beneficiaries

In December 2019, Congress passed the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act, which is changing retirement and estate planning for many.

Enrolling in Medicare

The process for enrolling in Medicare is surprisingly easy. But before enrolling, you will need to make a choice about how you want your Medicare delivered. Unlike an employer’s health plan, you may have dozens of options from which to choose.

Retirement Strategies for Women to Consider

Clearly, most women will need to build up their own retirement savings if they wish to maintain a reasonable standard of living in their later years. Here are some strategies to consider to get started.

The Top 10 Housing Markets for Millennials

While there are lots of “Top 10” lists designed to help retirees decide where to buy a retirement home, the National Association of Realtors created a different type of list. This one is called: The Top Ten Most Favorable Areas for Millennials During the Pandemic. 

Preparing for Medicare Enrollment

To help ensure that you make the best Medicare choices, it’s a good idea to check the following items off your list before you turn 65.

Do I Need Estate Planning?

Everyone needs an estate plan, no matter the size of the estate. Not only does this plan help carry out your wishes after your passing, it benefits you while you’re living. 

How We Can Help

Do you have any of the following concerns?

  • Having enough money to last through retirement
  • Funding education for children or grandchildren
  • Minimizing taxes so that you keep more of your income
  • Leaving more of your assets to your heirs or charity
  • Being able to handle a crisis such as a serious injury, layoff, or market turndown
  • Making sure family members and heirs are taken care of in the event of a premature death


Market Volatility and Your Investing Strategy: Should You Stay the Course?

It has been a very difficult couple of weeks in the financial markets. Stock markets worldwide have dropped sharply on the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Worse, the shutdowns of large parts of the economy as a risk control measure may lead to further declines. With your portfolios down, and with the headlines screaming more risk, what should you do as an investor?

The Triple Tax Benefits of Health Savings Accounts

When planning for retirement, most Americans think mainly about using tax-advantaged savings vehicles like 401(k) or individual retirement accounts, while failing to consider the triple tax advantages associated with saving for future health care costs using a health savings account, or HSA.