How We Can Help

Financial advisors can help you with more than just your investments. Our job is to counsel you in all aspects of your financial life, listen to your concerns, and help you pursue the lifestyle you've imagined. Here are some ways that we can help.


  1. Review your existing investments, including your company 401(k) or 403(b) plans
  2. Recommendations on consolidating and simplifying your investments
  3. Determine the most appropriate investments to help generate lifetime income
  4. Suggest methods to increase your income during retirement
  5. Provide objective investment research
  6. Create and monitor a diversified portfolio to help reduce risk

Tax Strategies

  1. Suggest strategies designed to help lower your taxes during retirement
  2. Review your tax returns for opportunities to possibly save taxes in the future
  3. Keep you up to date on tax law changes that may affect your family
  4. Reposition investments to help take full advantage of tax law provisions

Financial Planning

  1. Evaluate your portfolio investments, meet with you to discuss objectives, and help you during tough markets
  2. Formalize your goals and put them in writing
  3. Help you prioritize your financial opportunities
  4. Suggest alternatives that you may not have considered, such as your most efficient Social Security claiming strategy
  5. Review and recommend appropriate type and amounts of insurance to protect your family
  6. Advise you on options to pay for college expenses
  7. Help you determine your IRA Required Minimum Distribution
  8. Provide reminders about important financial dates and deadlines
  9. Recommend ways to fund healthcare in retirement


  1. Prepare an estate plan for you, to help with the continuity of your family’s financial plan through generations
  2. Facilitate the transfer of investments from individual names to trust, or from an owner through to beneficiaries
  3. Work with your tax and legal advisors to help meet your financial goals
  4. Provide referrals to other professionals, such as accountants and attorneys
  5. Develop and monitor a strategy for debt reduction
  6. Coaching, which can be essential during market turbulence