Our Company

SageCreek’s goal is to improve your life through support and guidance in planning for a growing stream of predictable income throughout your lifetime and possibly leaving a legacy. We measure and analyze your current financial situation to develop and monitor your financial future. We provide you assurance that we will effectively navigate your financial goals, enabling you to focus on the pursuit of your financial goals. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create better financial outcomes for you. We simplify the complexity of your financial life and provide clarity to your financial life through developing a lifetime, goal-focused financial plan.

Our Focus

We focus on four broad areas: 

1. Cash Flow Management: to aid in establishing an efficient, growing income stream sufficient to maintain your desired lifestyle

2. Tax Management: aimed at both current and future tax efficiency

3. Asset Allocation: coordinated to support cash flow needs, tax minimization objectives 

4. Protection & Succession Planning: addresses issues associated with protecting individuals and families from the negative financial impact of various life events and positioning their estates to pass efficiently and effectively when that time comes